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Hessische Meisterschaft: Männer-MannschaftenSenioren
Minimarathon: Schulwertung
26.10.2008 12:40:44
Thank you for joining us - we hope you enjoyed our real time report from the 27th Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon! We will be back next year! See you then and keep on running!

More infos about the race later on on our web page:
26.10.2008 12:39:56
Thank you for joining us - we hope you enjoyed our real time report from the 27th Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon! We will be back next year! See you then and keep on running!
26.10.2008 12:38:40
All in all it was the strongest Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon ever in history! A participation record, great marathon weather, a new course record in the men's race, another German winner on the women's side. Stunning times with 10 people sub 2:10 in the men's race and 5 people sub 2:30 in the women's field.
26.10.2008 12:35:18
Five runners sub 2:30 in the women's race - the best race ever in Frankfurt.
26.10.2008 12:33:05
The final standings can be watched here: (men) and (women)
26.10.2008 12:31:18
Fourth was Irene Limika in 2:28:31, fifth is Kirsten Otterbu in 2:29:40
26.10.2008 12:30:29
Two strong Germans are most likely set for next year's world championships in Berlin, and together with Irina Mikitenko they could even be among the top three in the team scoring.
26.10.2008 12:29:23
Melanie Kraus finished third in 2:28:20 hours. Her second fastest time.
26.10.2008 12:28:35
Olesya Nurgalieva becomes second in 2:27:37 - another personal record.
26.10.2008 12:27:11
Sabrina Mockenhaupt is running into the Festhalle now. She finishes in 2:22:26 a personal record of course.
26.10.2008 12:25:53
Mocki will win the 27th Dresdner Kleinwort frankfurt Marathon - her second ever marathon.
26.10.2008 12:25:12
Sabrina is still with one of her pace makers.
26.10.2008 12:23:50
She is close to the finish right now.
26.10.2008 12:23:19
2:22:14 for Mocki at 41 kilometres.
26.10.2008 12:22:29
All three women also passed the old Opera house.
26.10.2008 12:21:29
Melanie Kraus split 40 k in 2:20:56 hours.
26.10.2008 12:20:58
2:19:46 for Olesya Nurgalieva.
26.10.2008 12:19:58
2:18:42 for Sabrina Mockenhaupr at 40 k.
26.10.2008 12:19:33
Melanie Kraus passed the two Kenyans. But Mocki is still in the lead and looks good. The German marathoners are becoming stronger.
26.10.2008 12:17:05
In the women's race Mocki ran 2:15:02 for 39 kilometres. Melanie Kraus increased her pace drastically.
26.10.2008 12:15:42
The German debutant André Pollmächer is now at the Festhalle. He finished in 2:14:18 (all times are inofficial)
26.10.2008 12:13:52
Seven runners finished sub 2:10 hours in Frankfurt this year.
26.10.2008 12:12:55
The two Kenyans Limika and Kandie are close together. They split 2:02:44 and 2:02:50 at 35 k.
26.10.2008 12:11:24
Olesya Nurgalieva spli 35 k in 2:01:36. A huge gap.
26.10.2008 12:10:20
In the women's race, Mocki is still in the lead. She split 35 k in 2:00:58 hours.
26.10.2008 12:09:12
Second is Wilson Kigen (2:08:16) and third is Stephen Kiogora (2:08:24).
26.10.2008 12:08:05
Robert Cheruiyot is the winner of the 27th Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon in 2:07:21 (inofficial)which is a new course record!
26.10.2008 12:07:13
Robert Cheruiyot never looks back since a couple of kilometres. He looks very certain. He is already close to the Festhalle.
26.10.2008 12:04:13
Wilson Kigen lost contact. He and Stephen Kiogora, and Tarbei split 40 k in 2:01:27 hours. That is a gap of about 180 metres.
26.10.2008 12:03:19
His estimated finishing time could be around 2:07:30 hours.
26.10.2008 12:02:04
Cheruiyot could be able to break the course record. He passed for the last time the old Opera house.
26.10.2008 12:02:04
Cheruiyot could be able to break the course record. He split 40 k in 2:00:53. He passed for the last time the old Opera house.
26.10.2008 12:02:04
Cheruiyot could be able to break the course record. He split 40 k in 2:00:53. He passed for the last time the old Opera house.
26.10.2008 11:59:13
Mockenhaupt is still alone in the lead. She split 1:57:28 at 34 kilometers.
26.10.2008 11:57:42
He split 37 k in 1:51:52 hours.
26.10.2008 11:57:09
Robert Cheruiyot (bib 28) increased the pace so much, that nobody is really able to follow him.
26.10.2008 11:56:12
By the way - our Robert Cheruiyot has nothing to do with the inaugral World Marathon Majors Champion and Boston- and Chicago marathon winner.
26.10.2008 11:54:17
Wilson Kigen follows him with a 20 meter gap. Kiogora, Barus and Kosgei are another 20 meters behind. Pollmächer got away from his German competitor Beckmann.
26.10.2008 11:52:24
The split for Robert Cheruiyot at 35 k is 1:46:07.
26.10.2008 11:50:23
After the two Kenyans is another group with three runners - they are watching the leaders closely.
26.10.2008 11:49:50
Robert Cheruiyot is increasing the pace and gets away from his competitiors. Wilson Kigen is following him.
26.10.2008 11:49:01
The two Kenyans Kandie and Limika (1:45:11)and Otterbu (1:45:45) are behind Nurgalieva. Melanie Kraus tries to close the gap to Otterbu. she split 30 k in 1:45:58.
26.10.2008 11:45:57
Mockenhaupt split 1:43:38 at 30 k - that would be an estimating finishing time of 2:25:44. Olesya Nurgalieva is now 14 seconds behind Mocki.
26.10.2008 11:39:53
In the men's race the last pace maker dropped out. Now Kiogora, Barus and Maiyo are alone up front.
26.10.2008 11:39:06
Now Mockenhaupt is alone in the lead. 1:26:27 for her at 25 k. Olesya Nurgalieva lost contact just after 25 k.
26.10.2008 11:37:14
German marathoners Pollmächer and Beckmann split 30 k in 1:35:03.
26.10.2008 11:35:19
Wilson Kipketer, Moses Kigen, William Kiplagat, Linus Maiyo, Wilberforce Talel lost contact to the leading group.
26.10.2008 11:34:29
The men passed 30 k in 1:31:00 hours. That is exactly in the time range of the course record of 2:07:58.
26.10.2008 11:29:54
The men are increasing the pace now. They are running a kilometer split of sub 3:00 minutes (2:58 and 2:59).
26.10.2008 11:22:08
The two German runners - Pollmächer and Beckmann reached 25 k in 1:19:06.
26.10.2008 11:19:31
Now the first men group reached 25 k. They split 1:15:56. In the lead are still Maiyo, Kigen, Barus, and Kiogora.
26.10.2008 11:16:22
Half marathon split in the women's race: First group 72:59, second group 73:40/41, third group 74:45.
26.10.2008 11:14:59
Melanie Kraus split 10 k in 70:48 minutes. Between her and the first group are the two Kenyans Kandie and Limika (69:41)and Otterbu (69:45)
26.10.2008 11:12:56
Sabrina Mockenhaupt split 20 k in 69:12 minutes. Right behind her is Olesya Nurgalieva. The two women are on their way to an estimated finishing time of sub 2:26 hours.
26.10.2008 11:06:28
Half marathon split in the men's race is 63:45 minutes. The fastest split in Frankfurts history. Now the group will be smaller, as some pace makers will drop out from now on.
26.10.2008 11:05:02
Now the women passed 18 k in 62:21 minutes. Mockenhaupt is still in the lead and Mocki (that's what Mockenhaupt is called in Germany) showed her pace makers to go faster.
26.10.2008 11:03:22
The men leading pack, with many pace makers, split 20 k in 60:29 minutes - an estimated finishing time of 2:07:30.
26.10.2008 11:01:30
In the lead are still the favourites Ben Maiyo, Stephen Kiogora, and Bellor Yator.
26.10.2008 10:57:41
The men leaders passed 18 k in 54:26 minutes. It ia still a big leading pack, although one after another is falling behind.
26.10.2008 10:55:28
52:04 minutes for Mockenhaupt at 15 k. Behind her is still Otterbu and Olesya Nurgalieva. Four seconds behind is the second group with the Kenyans Kandie and Limika and in the third group is the other Nurgalieva twin (52:37). Defending Champion Melanie Kraus split 52:57 for 15 k.
26.10.2008 10:51:18
In the men's race the leading pack split 15 k in 45:24 minutes - an estimated finishing time of sub 2:08 hours.
26.10.2008 10:45:32
German debutant André Pollmächer and Martin Beckmann split 10 k in 31:28 minutes.
26.10.2008 10:41:36
The men enhanced the pace a little bit now. They reached 12 k in 36:13 minutes.
26.10.2008 10:40:08
Olesya Nurgalieva (Russia), winner in 2004, and her sister Yelena are three seconds behind the first group. The third group is lead by Melanie Kraus. She split 10 k in 35:11 minutes.
26.10.2008 10:36:56
The women leading group split 10 k in 34:45 minutes - an estimated finishing time of 2:26:37 hours. Mockenhaupt is still in the lead. Otterbu right behind her.
26.10.2008 10:31:58
The big men's leading pack split 10 k in 30:18 minutes. This would be an estimated finishing time of 2:07:46 hours.
26.10.2008 10:29:30
The two Kenyan runners ILimika and Kandie are still behind the women leaders - but they could be a surprise in the end for Mockenhaupt and Co.
26.10.2008 10:28:04
The men passed 8 k in 24:15 minutes. The women passed 7 k in 24:01 minutes.
26.10.2008 10:26:14
Last year's winner, Melanie Kraus (Germany), started more conversative and split 5 k in 17:21 minutes.
26.10.2008 10:24:29
The women's field is split. German 10.000 meter champion Sabrina Mockenhaupt leads the first pack through 5 k in 17:11 minutes. Behind Mockenhaupt áre Otterbu (Norwegia) and the Nurgalieva twins from Russia (17:13).
26.10.2008 10:21:22
The men's race split 5 k in 15:04 minutes. Among the leading group are Benson Barus, Stephen Kiogora, Bellor Yator and Benjamin Maiyo.
26.10.2008 10:17:32
The women split the first kilometer in 3:15 minutes, and the second kilometer was passed in 6:43 minutes.
26.10.2008 10:15:07
The leading group passed the second kilometer in 6:03 minutes.
26.10.2008 10:11:19
The lead pack in the men's race is still big. Mostly Kenyans are among them. German debutant André Pollmächer is together with German Marathon Champion Martin Beckmann in the second group.
26.10.2008 10:05:05
The leaders will run the first half in around 63:30 to 64:00 minutes. A good pace for breaking the course record of 2:07:58 hours.
26.10.2008 10:01:09
The 27th Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon has started!
26.10.2008 10:00:35
But he will face strong competitors - two-time Frankfurt winner Wim Decleir from Belgium,Vico Merklein from Germany and last year's winner Bernd Jeffre. Another Paralympic champion is on the course - Wolfgang Schattauer from Austria.
26.10.2008 09:58:26
The handbiker race already started. Legendary Heinz Frei from Switzerland will start again after 14 years of absence.
26.10.2008 09:44:46
The course record in the men's race is 2:07:58 hours and in the women's race it is 2:25:12 hours.
26.10.2008 09:26:39
The weather is good for a marathon. It's cloudy with temperatures of around 13 degrees Celsius. The wind comes from South south west directions with up to 22 km/h, which can be a bit disturbing. No rain is expected until later in the day.
26.10.2008 09:15:05
The top startlist can be seen here:[showUid]=2937&cHash=effef2c384
26.10.2008 09:12:36
The race this year includes more than 20.000 participants from 71 nations in all. A stunning record!

The total figure devides in:

marathon runners: 12,046
relay runners: 5,024
mini marathon (children): 2,680
Struwelpeter kids race: 611
Handbikers: 90

TOTAL: 20,451
26.10.2008 09:04:09
Good morning! Welcome to the 27th Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon 2008!

The race will start in less than one hour. We will start our real time reporting just before the start of the marathon at 10 a.m. (German time).
25.10.2008 13:49:23
Please remember that the clocks were set back by one hour in Germany.
25.10.2008 13:48:24
Welcome to the real time reporting of the Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon. This service will start at 10 am (German time)on Sunday.