About COVID-19
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About COVID-19

It is obvious that there is an uncertainty regarding the registration for events due to the current cancellation of most of the running events in spring. At the moment, is not possible to make a reliable statement about how long the restrictions on public life will last. We are optimistic that the spread of the corona virus can be stopped with all the protective measures and the people acting in solidarity. Therefore we assume that the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon will take place on October 25th, 2020.


The fact is that several marathons, that should take place in spring, postponed their races to September/October in cooperation with the authorities instead of canceling them. This fact confirms our assumption. In the unlikely case that we cannot realize our event due to official orders, we will give our best to find an adequate solution for everyone, which on one hand accommodates the needs of our participants and on the other hand enables us to continue the event in the long term.


We are not able to determine what this solution will look like, because there´re many influencing factors which we only find out in due course (e.g. time of cancellation, financial support from the government, behavior of our sponsors, unavoidable costs, insurance cover, etc.). Basically the general conditions of entry apply, which you can see on our website: https://www.frankfurt-marathon.com/en/conditions-of-entry/


UPDATE – 18th June 2020

as it became known after a meeting of Chancellor Merkel with the minister presidents of the federal states yesterday, the states want to ban major events until at least the end of October. The minister president of the federal state of Hesse Volker Bouffier (CDU) and the president of social affairs Kai Klose (Grüne) will inform later today (June 18th) whether Hesse will follow this advice to extending a ban on major events which was first set for August 31st. Due to this new development the implementation of the 39th Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on Okober 25th unfortunately became highly unlikely. We are in close interaction with the Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sport in order to promptly reach a final decision regarding our event. We will proactively keep you informed through our various media (website, newsletter, facebook & Instagram) as soon as new information becomes available. We would kindly ask you to refrain from further questions until then. Please give us a few more days for the upcoming important decisions. In case of a cancellation of our event we will of course get in touch with all registered participants. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


Due to the latest developments the registration is temporarily closed.

the registration for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2020 is temporarily closed. Due to the assessment of the federal and state governments that major events should remain prohibited at least until the end of October, unless it can be guaranteed that the hygiene regulations and distance rules can be observed and a complete contact tracing is ensured, we have decided to take this step. Due to these latest developments, it has unfortunately become very unlikely that the 39th Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, scheduled for 25th of October, will be held.

We are in close contact with the Hessian Ministry of the Internal and Sports in order to reach a final decision regarding our event as soon as possible. We will proactively inform you via all our channels (website, newsletter, social media & Co.) as soon as we have new information. Until then, we ask you to refrain from further inquiries and to allow us a few more days for the upcoming important decisions. In case of a cancellation we will of course contact all registered participants directly regarding the cancellation of their registration for this year. In order to be able to make a concrete proposal here, however, a number of questions still need to be clarified.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Stay healthy and keep on running!