Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

For an initial assessment of your personal health risks during sport you can fill in the “personal activity and preventive screening test” (PAPS Test). The “online checkup” helps you at 2 – 3 mins important clues for your next doctor’s visit or check up to get. An evaluation is available at the end of the questionnaire. The test is recommended by the German Athletics Federation and in comparable form of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention as an important preventive instrument. Another factor impacting your application has not the result. Nor does the result “we recommend a visit to the doctor,” not necessarily a disease or even a sports ban. On the contrary: This questionnaire is designed to sensitize and shows the doctor of your choice purposeful, what needs to be observed and analyzed. We want to achieve that the positive aspects of physical activity are assessed individually also with you and can be minimized or excluded any risks.

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of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

A withdrawal of the start is only possible for marathon runners due to health reasons. A payback is not possible under any circumstances. Please send a medical certificate (copy sufficient) via email, fax or post, which confirms the impossibility of your start, until October 31st 2019 to:, Fax: +49 (0)69 3 70 04 68 – 11, Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, Sonnemannstr. 5, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

You will then receive – under the deduction of a 20 € handling fee – a free start for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2020. A corresponding coupon-code for the online registration will be sent to you in February 2020. The coupon-code can’t be transferred to other persons, competitions or event years. Additionally booked services (e.g. marathon book, shirt, medal engraving) are only effective for the originally booked year.. ASICS Eventline-Shirts can be picked up during the event weekend at the Marathonmall (Trade Fair (Messe Frankfurt), hall 1, level 2). Please get in touch with the ‘help desk’ at the race number pick up in this case. Here you will receive a voucher for picking up your shirt after showing your ID.

Red Cross emergency

In case of an emergency please render first aid to people in need. The Red Cross emergency is placed along the course and Trade faire. Medical help can also be contacted by phone on +49 69 71919192 or the emergency number 112.