17. October 2019 | Marathon-News

Concerning late registrations,changes, cancellation policy

Late registrations for the marathon and relay marathon are only possible on-site at the race number pick-up area (situated at the Marathonmall) – pending availability!


Late registration fees for the marathon are 109€, for the relay marathon 191€ (only cash!).


The following changes can be made Sunday morning at the Help Desk:

  • Until 9am: Purchase of SMS service A-C
  • Until the start: Change of relay team participants
  • Until the start: Late registration of personal Championchip. Already paid fee for rental chip will not be refunded
  • Until the start: Change of start block/finish time
  • Any time: Change of address and contact data or club.


The following changes can be made on Friday and Saturday at the race number pick-up area:

Late registration for Marathon Manager competition, Frankfurt Marathon Club, Betriebssportgruppe Hessen. New registrations are to be made at the Late Registration Desk. Already registered participants go the the Help Desk.

Order book: At the Help Desk, cash only.


What happens if …


… I forget to bring my ChampionChip?


Please go straight to the Help Desk where you can get a blue rental chip for 11€ (only cash!). Please return this single use chip on Sunday between 1pm and 5pm in Hall1, Level 2 at Chip Return Desk. Blue chips have to be returned, they are not for sale and cannot be used at other events.


… I can’t run because I’m sick?

You are permitted to withdraw from the race on health grounds. Please click this link (http://frankfurt-marathon-registration.com/mainova-frankfurt-marathon-2019/check-registration) and send us a request for cancellation by October 31st 2019 at the latest, along with your medical certificate proving that you cannot participate anymore. After approval of your medical certificate, you will receive an email to confirm that your cancellation has been accepted. In February 2020, you will receive an invitation email with a code to enter the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon to be held on 25.10.2020. You will only have to pay a processing fee of 20.00 Euro. A transfer of this new registration is not possible. Additional services which have been ordered such as medal engraving, SMS Service or event shirt are only valid for the year in respect of the booking. If you have ordered a shirt in advance, you can collect this on the weekend of the event at the Sportswear Expo in the Marathon Mall. A refund of the entry fee is not possible.



… I didn’t get a registration confirmation or forgot to bring it?

No problem, you can pick up your race number by providing a photo id.


… I want another person to pick up my race number?

The person picking up your race number must have your registration confirmation or a written consent from you plus a copy of your photo id.


… I want to transfer my race number to someone else?

This is no longer possible. Transfering the race number was only possible until October 6th 2019.