TV broadcasting
by hr fernsehen

hr-fernsehen runs a live broadcast from 10:00am to 2pm as part of the “heimspiel! extra” program (and as an internet live stream as well on

The broadcast will be hosted by hr sports editor-in-chief Ralf Scholt with Olympic Champion Dieter Baumann for expert commentary. The Frankfurt Marathon will also be covered by a number of international tv stations.

hr-fernsehen starts its marathon coverage on Saturday with an “heimspiel” extra live from the Pasta Party in the Festhalle (5:15am to 5.45pm).


The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2019 can be viewed via a live stream on from 10am to 2pm.

On here will also be an international livestream (geo-blocked for German-speaking countries as well as sub-Saharan and South American) on Sunday from 10am.

radio broadcasting
by hr1

All hr radio stations will report from the event. hr1 is on the ground for its listeners with the marathon parties at the Platz der Republik.