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AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Rankings

The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is part of the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Rankings 2022.


The Abbott World Marathon Majors (AbbottWMM) is a series of six of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world – Tokyo Marathon, B.A.A. Boston Marathon, Virgin Money London Marathon, BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, Bank of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon.


AbbottWMM also applauds the achievements and passion of everyday champions from around the world! The AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Rankings — a global age group marathon ranking system in nine separate age groups selects the top age-division runners (age 40+) for the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championship.

Qualifying period: 1st January until 31st of December 2022.

Runners can earn ranking points from a maximum of two qualifying times during the qualification period.
The highest ranked runners will earn a place at the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships in 2023. The last AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships took place at the Virgin Money London Marathon 2022.
Participants in an AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Ranking qualifying race will earn points according to their age, time and gender, aligned with the following age groups for men and women: 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+.


More information: https://www.worldmarathonmajors.com/rankings/how-it-works


Information about the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon Tracking & Event App can be found at

Baby carriages

We wish all mothers and fathers lots of fun while running with their children in the baby carriage. Please be considerate of the other runners and try not to hinder them.

Baggage (clothes) disposal

You can bring your clothes in the official bag to the baggage disposal from 8.00am on marathon sunday in hall 1, level 1. Please stick the number on your bag and allow enough time to check-in your bag. Please note that we only accept clothing bags of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon. For other luggage we offer a wardrobe (4 € per piece of luggage). There is no other possibility to hand in your clothes bag.


Camping van parking is located on the Rebstock grounds, block D. There is no power and water connectivity. Please find further information about arrival and camping van parking on https://www.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/de/anreise.html



You can download a pdf-version of your certificate via the results on our website. All participants will receive an official certificate via post after completion by the end of December. A result brochure as a PDF file is available at the end of November on our website.

The participants of the relay marathon can print out an online certificate.


The race can only be scored by using the ChampionChip system. Further information: Mika Timing GmbH
Fon: +49 (0)2202 24 01 – 113
E-Mail: championchip@mikatiming.de

Please attach the chip to the laces of your running shoe. We can only assess your time when you cross the mats lying at the start, along the course and at the finish. Persons who do not have these times will be disqualified. Additionally a video surveillance system is installed along the course. Please wear your race number during the whole race clearly visible on your chest.
In any case, you have to pick up your race number in hall 1, level 2 first. This is also where you will receive your rental chip or get your own Chip checked:

CHIP-RENT: If you decide to rent (12,- EUR), you will receive your rented chip together with your starting documents. Please return this undamaged after crossing the finish line to the chip reception. This can only be done on the day of the event and at no other time.

IMPORTANT: You have to return the Chip back at the finish line in order to retrieve your 5,- EUR deposit.

CHIP-OWNER: If you own a Chip, please bring it along at the event day. When picking up your race number, please get a final check of your Chip data. If you didn’t name your Chip number when registering, please communicate the Chip number (letter- gure combination) to us before the race via e-mail at registration@frankfurt-marathon.com.

FORGOTTEN your Chip: If you forgot to bring your Chip along, please first go to the ‘help desk’. There you will receive your race number and a blue Chip for a rent of 12,- EUR. Please render the Chip undamaged after the race between 12noon and 5pm at the Chip return, which is located at the race number pick up area in hall 1, level 2. You are not allowed to keep the blue Chip, since it is not up for sale and can’t be used at other running events.

Please note: No chip – no time measurement – no valid participation!

Change of data

If you would like to change your registration data, please click here.

Change of participant

A re-registration of a runner in favour of another is only possible online up to the second sunday of october 2022. You can do this by clicking here.

Then, click on “Transfer my registration to a friend” and enter your friend’s email address. Your friend will receive an email with link to register and will have to pay a race transfer processing fee of 20,- EUR.

Please note that additional services ordered by the runner originally entered such as ChampionChip, medal engraving, SMS Service or event shirt cannot be transferred to the new registration. Eventline-Shirts can be picked up at the event weekend at the Marathonmall (Trade Fair (Messe Frankfurt), hall 1, level 2). For this, please get in touch with the help desk at the race number pick up. Here you will receive a voucher for picking up your shirt after showing your ID.

Changing rooms

There are changing rooms located at the fair and exhibition hall 1, level 0.

Church service

The church service takes place in the room ‘Blauer Saal’ of the Festhalle on Saturday at 6pm. All runners and interested persons are welcome to join the church service.

Companionship along the course

It is not allowed to accompany any participant of the race with a bike or any other means of transportation. This would lead to a disqualification of the participant.


The Kenyan Wilson Kipsang won the Frankfurt Marathon 2011 in 2:03:42 hours, which is the current course record. With this best time, the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is the third fastest city race worldwide. The women’s record was set in 2012. Meselech Melkamu from Ethiopia reached the finish line after 2:21:01 hours and ran the third fastest marathon debut of all times.
The German Athlete Arne Gabius caused the big surprise in 2015; he ran the german record in a time of 2:08:33 hours!
But the Frankfurt Marathon is also a good place for recreational athletes and amateurs. This fact has been proven by an analysis of the website marathon-ergebnisse.de. According to them, the Frankfurt Marathon is the by far fastest among the five largest German marathons. The average finish time is 3:57:56 hours.

The track basically takes course on wide main streets. It‘s very even, between the lowest point (89,4 meters above sea level) and the highest point (117,2 meters above sea level) is only a height difference of 27,8 meters spread over the length of 42195 meters. The course – the shortest way is marked with a blue line – goes through the city centre of Frankfurt am Main on solely asphalted streets. Signs indicate each kilometer and the half marathon, too. There is a big clock showing the race gross time every 5km and at the half marathon.

Course parties

Overall, there will be more than 90 parties along the course to provide a great atmosphere. A variety of cultural and sports clubs from the region will be engaged here while several bands will be playing music. More information.


You will be disqualified if you
– behave unsportsmanlike or disrespect the official regulations
– use any means that is not allowed, e. g. you are accompanied by bike
– fold, shorten or put something over your race number
– disregard the marked route
– do not run over the control mats along the course
– for relay-teams only: if you start in the wrong start corral

Double start (marathon and relay marathon)

It is possible to participate in the marathon and the relay marathon. In addition to an application for both competitions, it’s provided that you have to start in the relay block (starting 10:35am) and not from a an earlier block under his marathon best. An early start leads to a disqualification of the relay team. It is valid for these participants to wear both bib numbers (front: marathon, rear: relay).

Dropping out

If you need medical aid, we recommend you to run or walk to the next water station where you will find a medical aid station as well.
If you decide to quit the race, you can either take the bus at the end of the field, or public transport which you can use for free with your race number.
Besides there are shuttle buses to the Trade Fair grounds:
ca. km 23 Tannenkopfweg zwischen Zur Frankenfurt und Schwanheimer Ufer, Fahrtrichtung Nord zum Schwanheimer Ufer = 2 Buses
ca. km 25,7 im Nieder-Kirchweg (nordoestliche Spur) Fahrtrichtung Nord-West zur Mainzer Landstraße = 2 Buses
ca. km 30,8 Zum Linnegraben, in Richtung Heinrich-Hardt-Straße, Eckeöstl. Richtung = 2 Buses

It is not allowed to be accompanied by any means of transportation (bikes, cars, motorbikes) or to use rollerskates, inline-skates, skateboards or any other similar means. It is not allowed to carry animals on the course.


You will run through the east gate into the ‘Festhalle’, where you will reach the finish line after 60m. There are stands for a total of 7,000 persons (5,000 seats and 2,000 standing rooms). When crossing the finish line and running over the mats, your time is registered. Please try to move quickly out of the ‘Festhalle‘ and towards the building ‘Forum’.

Water stations at the finish area
After leaving the ‘Festhalle‘ and the Forum, you reach the water station at the “Agora”, where you receive your medal and heat sheet. The following products are offered: Rosbacher mineral water, refreshments from Rosbacher, beers from Krombacher, organic apples, soups, cake, bars, etc. It is not possible to go back to the finish line from the water station. Only participants are allowed to enter this area. Please arrange a meeting-point with your family and/or friends somewhere outside this area.

Help Desk

There is a help desk to be found at the registration venue on the race-weekend, hall 1.2.

How to ouse your voucher from the reversal

Did you opt for the “voucher” option during the reversal of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2020 or 2021?

In the course of the reversal of the event, you received an e-mail from us with your personal voucher code. To activate your starting place for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2022 you have to register for the event. The data from your last registration will not be automatically transferred to the new event year, because we do not know whether you would like to start with us in 2022 or 2023. Use the usual online platform on our website for your registration. Please fill out the registration form completely and enter your personal voucher code during the payment process.


You don’t want to redeem your personal voucher for 2022 yet?

This is not a problem! You can redeem your voucher in 2022 or in 2023. Your personal voucher remains valid for these two years as long as it has not yet been redeemed.


You didn’t receive a voucher?

Check your SPAM folder in your mailbox, unfortunately emails often end up in the SPAM folder. If you can’t find an email from us here either, then write us an email to

Information Desk

An information desk can be found at the expo entrance “Eingang City”, at the Marathonmall in hall 1, level 2 and at the race number pick up area. Please don’t hesitate to ask our volunteers.


There are 35 mobile toilets at the start and finish area. Please also use the lavatories on the Trade Fair grounds.

You will find two toilets each at 5km and 10km, afterwards every 2.5 kilometres after the water or refreshment stations.

Marathon Manager

The special evaluation Marathon Manager is open for executives, who are in charge entrepreneurially, bear entrepreneurial risk and are employed in an outstanding position or are self-employed.

The organiser asks interested parties to check their job-related profile accurately to that effect. The organiser reserves the right to request supporting documents in case of doubt. We ask managers with target times below 2:45 (m) respectively 3:30 (f) hours for directly sending us a corresponding proof: af@frankfurt-marathon.com. The documents will of course be kept confidentially. The organiser reserves the right to request and free decision. The course of law is impossible.

The individual results of the “Marathon Managers” are recorded separately for women and men. The winners are able to look forward to a high-class marathon tour.


First, please pick up your baggage in hall 1, level 1 (you can take the escalator) until 5pm. Please show your race number in order to receive your bag. Besides you can also use the massage service between 12 noon and 5pm in hall 1, level 1 after showering. This is a free service for all our athletes.

You will find the changing rooms and showers in hall 1, basement.

Medical service

Medical service is available on race day at 10am in the Festhalle (festival hall). Moreover, medical service is guaranteed at the finish area. We recommend to call for a doctor as soon as you feel any kind of physical interference.

If you need medical aid during the race, we recommend you to run or walk to the next water station where you will find a medical aid station. If you decide to quit the race, you can either take the bus at the end of the field, or public transport which you can use for free with your race number. Besides there are shuttle buses to the Trade Fair grounds (km 23/25,7/30,8).

Meeting Point

After the race you can meet your friends and family members, who do not have access to the locked areas, at the following two meeting-points: hall 1, level 2, or “P1” (area on the expo grounds between Festhalle and hall 1).

Music while running

Walkman, iPod, iPhone, MP3 player or similar are allowed while running for amateur athletes. Please make sure that you do not interfere with other runners while running. For top athletes or runners who run at championships, music is forbidden.


It is possible to hand in your own nutrition for the race on saturday before the race day from 2pm until 7pm and on race day from 7am until 8am in Hall 1, floor 2 at the information point (only signed bottles: kilometre and race number – no glass bottles). Due to organisational constraints, it is only possible to offer this service to competitive runners (men: faster than 2h45, women: faster than 3h00) and participants who need special nutrition due to medical reasons.

Pace maker

We offer experienced pace makers with estimated finish times of 2:59:00, 3:14:00, 3:29:00, 3:44:00, 3:59:00, 4:14:00, 4:29:00, 4:44:00, 4:59:00 and 5:29:00. You will recognize the pace maker in the start corrals, as they will be holding a big ballon with the finish time written on it. Start corrals: to 2:59 (HOKA), to 3:14 (N.N.), to 3:29 (Stadt Frankfurt), to 3:44 (Mainova), to 3:59 (Rosbacher), from 4:00 (Messe Frankfurt).

Pasta Party (The Fattoria La Vialla – Toscana Pasta Party)

The Fattoria La Vialla – Toscana Pasta Party takes part on Saturday, October 30th 2021 from 1.30pm until 7.00pm at the festival hall (Festhalle).

All participants will receive a bowl of pasta (Fattoria La Vialla) and drinks from our sponsors Rosbacher and our beer partner Krombacher for free.

Companions and visitors can purchase pasta with or without a drink for 8€ or 5€ respectively.
More information

Pretzel run powered by interAir

Saturday,  10:00am

Start and Finish: Trade Fair (Messe Frankfurt)

The free Pretzel Run through Frankfurt with drinks, original Frankfurt pretzels and medals.

more information

Public transport

Your race number will serve as your public transportation ticket on race day. The race number allows you to use all public transportation (subway, tram and bus) in the RMV district.

(For further information visit www.rmv.de/en)

Race number

Only athletes wearing the race number of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon are allowed to participate in the race. It is not possible to transfer your race number to any other person. It has to be attached to the shirt-front. No race number belts allowed (s. IWB-Rule 18.17 et seq.)
It is not allowed to change the race number in any way, or to fold it. This would lead to a disqualification. Athletes wearing no race number at all will be disqualified, too.

Race number belt forbiddance

The forbiddance of the race number belt is based on an announcement of the corresponding rules by the IAAF and the DLV (s. IWB-rule 18.17 et seq.). According to the rule, the size, possible brandings and the body part, which the race number must be worn on (on the chest, the bottom must be above the trouser waistband), are explicitly named.
Based on the fact that runners don’t study the international rules before taking part in a race, we consider it to be reasonable to point out the regulation in our information for runners and relay teams.
There is no rule which actually bans the race number belt but the regulation has been enacted in order to give sponsors a precisely selected presentation platform. The two sponsors who are presented on the race numbers with their logos, finance approximately 30% of the overall costs of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon. The race number is the strongest of all advertising media of a marathon event. Accordingly, it should be the general interest of all participants to provide the sponsors a great appearance in our event to make sure they keep supporting running events and not only TV-sports.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to cooperate and to wear the race number on your chest, like in the good old days.
On behalf of the event, we hope that you can follow our concern and behave correspondingly.

Race number transfer

A re-registration of a runner in favour of another is only possible online up to 9th October 2022. You can do this by clicking on the following link.

Then, click on “Transfer my registration to a friend” and enter your friend’s email address. Your friend will receive an email with link to register and will have to pay a race transfer processing fee of €10. Please note that additional services ordered by the runner originally entered such as ChampionChip, medal engraving, SMS Service or event shirt cannot be transferred to the new registration.


Race day, 8.00am-2.00pm. There will be news reports about the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on many radio stations of Hessen, especially at hr1, who is our radio partner. Please refer to the program of your newspaper for exact times.

Registration confirmation

The registration confirmations along with some important participant information about the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon will be sent by either post or email in mid October, depending on the time of your registration. All other participants will receive their entry confirmation via email. The printed entry confirmation must be shown in order to pick up the race number and package. If you didn’t receive your entry confirmation (please check your spam-folder) or lose it, you may also use your passport or ID card to pick up your race documents. The important participant information mentioned above can be found in the information runners.

No registration confirmation will be sent for the Mini-Marathon and the Struwwelpeter-Lauf.

Registration deadline

The registration deadline for this year’s Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is October 23rd 2022. After that you can only register at the registration venue on friday and saturday.
No registration possible on the race day !


The results will be published on marathon sunday around 2.30pm in hall 1.2 and will be kept up to date. Additionally, you will find the preliminary results online on the race day.
It is possible to raise objection against the results until furst sunday of November the latest. All participants of the marathon will receive their official certificate via post by the end of December.


You will find the changing rooms and showers in hall 1, basement.


The starting line up will be at the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage towards city centre. The field will be organized in two separate waves: first wave starts at 10am and second wave at 10:10am.
Only runners wearing official start numbers are allowed to enter the starting line up.
There are different corrals for all runners. Please go to your assigned start corral before 9:50am. Your start corral is printed on the race number (1. corral ‘HOKA’, 2. corral ‘N.N.’,…) and you are only allowed to enter the corral that you are assigned to. Whether you start with the first or the second wave depends on the corral you are in. Big balloons indicating the different start corrals will show you the way to your start corral.
Due to the evaluation of your net time you won’t lose a second no matter what is your corral or wave.
Please follow the instructions of our volunteers in order to ensure a smooth starting procedure.

First wave: start at 10am
1. corral ‘HOKA’
International elite runners and runners with a finish time up to 3:00 hrs
2. corral ‘N.N.’
Runners with a finish time between 3:00 and 3:15 hrs
3. corral ‘Stadt Frankfurt’
Runners with a finish time between 3:15 and 3:35 hrs

Second wave: start at 10:10am
4. corral ‘Mainova’
Runners with a finish time between 3:35 and 3:45 hrs
5. corral ‘Rosbacher’
Runners with a finish time between 3:45 and 4:00 hrs
6. corral ‘Messe Frankfurt’
Runners with a finish time from 4:00 hrs and all runners, who did not register an expected finish time.

Please come to the start as early as possible in order to avoid unnecessary hectic and confusion.

Start documents pick-up

The start documents are issued directly to the participants according to their start numbers.

You can pick up your start documents at the following times:


Friday, 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m

Saturday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m

Sunday, 7 a.m. – 9.30 a.m


Please note that experience has shown that it can get quite crowded at peak times, which can result in waiting times.


The race will be transmitted live on hessen fernsehen (hr) on race day.

Most likely there will also be TV reports about the marathon on other German TV channels (ARD, ZDF, Bayern3, n-tv, wdr, MDR, RTL).

Time limit

You will find the finish in the ‘Festhalle’. The finish is opened until 4:15pm which means that the time limit is 6 hrs (net). Participants, who finish later than this, will not have any official time, but they will receive a finisher medal and can use the water station at the finish area and all other services.


The race can only be scored by using the ChampionChip system.

Water and nutrition stations

The stations at 5km and 10km are lined up on both sides; all other stations are one-sided only!
Every 5km the order at each water station is as following: clock, medical aid, own nutrition, Rosbacher mineral water Naturell, Rosbacher IsoFit drinks, tea, troughs with water to dunk in your sponge, litter bins. Starting at 15km, we additionally offer organic bananas.  At 30km, 35km and 40km bizzl Cola and at 32,5km Krombacher o,0% is offered. Refreshments (Rosbacher mineral water Naturell and troughs with water) can also be found at 12.5km, 17.5km, 22.5km, 27.5km, 32.5km and 37.5km. The drinks are offered not from bottles, but from cups. At 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 km vegan Enervit Gels (Citrus, Cola, Orange, Raspberry) are offered. Two Toilets can be found along the race track at the aid station at km 5 and km 10. Afterwards each 2,5 kilometres.


The average temperature by the end of October is approx. 10°-14° degrees Celsius. All competitions will be started regardless of the weather. It is not possible to refund the organisation fee due to unconvenient weather.


Marathon runners are permitted to withdraw from the race on health grounds. Please click this link and send us a request for cancellation by November 2nd 2022 at the latest, along with your medical certificate proving that you cannot participate anymore. After approval of your medical certificate, you will receive an email to confirm that your cancellation has been accepted. In February 2023, you will receive an invitation email with a code to enter the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2023. You will only have to pay a processing fee of 20,- EUR. A transfer of this new registration is not possible.

Additional services which have been ordered such as medal engraving, SMS Service or event shirt are only valid for the year in respect of the booking. If you have ordered a shirt in advance, you can collect this on the weekend of the event at the Sportswear Expo in the Marathon Mall. A refund of the entry fee is not possible.