Conditions of entry
Mainova Frankfurt Marathon
Conditions of entry

The organiser or his representative and other authorised persons cannot be held responsible for any form of damage or injury incurred as a result of participation in the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon and accompanying events, except in the case of the latter having caused these intentionally or as a result of grave negligence. This also applies to sponsors and the owners of private paths and their representatives. This exemption from liability also applies to accompanying persons.

I herewith declare that I am in a fit state of health and have trained to a sufficient standard. I agree to being withdrawn from the race should I be in danger of damaging my health.
I herewith agree that any personal data I provided on the registration can be used and passed on to third parties (sponsors and media partners, mika:timing cause timing, German Red Cross cause assistance, cause pictures, MySports cause video service), and any photographs, film material and interviews that are made in conjunction with the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon can be passed and used for radio, TV, online platforms, advertising, books and photographic reproductions without any compensation claim on my part.
I confirm that the data I provided is correct, and that I will pass neither race number nor ChampionChip to another person. I agree to personal data on the registration form being saved beyond the event for commercial purposes.
I am aware that altering the official race number in any way, in particular making the advertising illegible or unrecognisable, deviating from the route and using short cuts or being accompanied by persons on sports equipment such as inline skates, bicycles etc.), will lead to disqualification.
Should I fail to participate or should the event not take place due to uncontrollable forces, I am not entitled to reimbursement of the entry fee or of the fees I paid for additional services (medal engraving, sms-service. shirts, etc.). I acknowledge the at the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon applicable international competition rules of the IAAF respectively DLV with special attention to the anti-doping regulations.

The agreement shall be governed by the law of Germany. Location of any legal proceedings: Frankfurt am Main (Note: in accordance with data protection laws your data will be stored on computers).