Conditions of entry
Mainova Frankfurt Marathon
Conditions of entry

1. Applicability

1.1       The following entries are valid for all runs of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, in particular the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, the Generali relay marathon, the Mini-Marathon and the Shock-headed Peter Run (hereinafter individually “event” or a combination of “events”).


1.2       Organizer of the events is motion events GmbH, Sonnemannstraße 5, 60314 Frankfurt am Main (in reference to: we, us or organizer).


1.3       For all orders in our web shop, are our general transaction condition valid – you can visit our shop at


2. Registration and participation fees

2.1       The registration of the events is possible up to 7 days before the event as an online-registration over our website.  Registration in other forms such as (fax, e-mail) will only be processed on an exception basis after coordinating this with the organizer. Before sending out your data the participant can check their information, so that it is failure-free.  The registration is in German, English and French languages possible.

The contract confirmation is confirmed through the booking confirmation sent via e-mail from the organizer.  With the booking confirmation, you will we receive the contract details with the information you provided us during the registration process.


2.2       Prior to the event, the participant will receive a registration confirmation with all information relevant to the event.  The registration confirmation from the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon will be sent out, regardless of the registration date, in the middle of October via e-mail.  The registration confirmation for the Generali relay marathon will be sent out, regardless of the registration date, in the middle of October via e-mail. If you register for one of the two mentioned events after the date of dispatch , you will receive the registration confirmation automatially right after your registration via e-mail. For the Mini-Marathon and the Shock-headed Peter Run no registration email will be sent out.


2.3       In the event of a group registration, the applicant guarantees that the registration of all group members is authorized and that all declarations may be submitted for you. The applicant will inform all group members about the conditions of participation as well as the privacy policy.


2.4       Registrations will not be processed for underage/minors.  Registrations can only be processed through their parents or guardians.


2.5       The payment of the participation fees as well as the extra options (ChampionChip, medallion engraving, SMS-Service or a sports shirt) can be either through bank transfer or credit card.


2.6       If the maximal number of participants is not reach, a person can register in person on the 2 days before the event by the organizer and pay with cash.


2.7       The cancellation of our registration is only possible with proof of health issues.  In this case, a 20,00 € transactions fee will be deducted and a coupon code will be issued for the following year.  This code is non-transferable for other people, events and years.


2.8       Transferring the registration to another person is only possible up to the third week before the start of the event and costs 10,00 €.  The extra options previous booked by the participant will not be transferred or refunded.


2.9      By non-participation or disqualification, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the participation fees and the fees for additional services or extra options. In case that the event is canceled for which the organizer is not responsible (e.g. due to storms, terror, epidemics such as the Covid 19 pandemic), the participant receives a voucher in the amount of the participation fee minus the proportion of already allocated costs by the organizer attributable to the participant (this is at least EUR 20 in any case); the participant reserves the right to prove that this proportionate effort was lower.


3. Participation allowance and competition rules

3.1       Participants allowed are every registered running, who meets the participation requirements such as for example the age requirements.


3.2       The participants understand the international competitions rules of the (IWR) the IAAF as well as the DLV, especially the Anti-Doping policies.


3.3       The participant ensures the organizer that he or she participates if they are healthy and have the adequate training to participate.  In the event that a participant jeopardizes his or her health during the event, they will be removed from the run and be removed from the event completely.


3.4       Every participant receives their start number at the event only with proof of their registration confirmation in addition to a form of identification.  If the participant cannot personally pick up their start number, a third-party person can pick up the number with the registration confirmation plus a signed power of attorney from the participant.

The participant ensures us, that his/her information is correct and that his/her start number and/or ChampionChip will not be given to other persons.


3.5       The official start number must by position as stated in the international competition rules on the breast and may not be altered in any form.  In addition, the printed advertisements on the start number may not be unreadable and must always remain visible.


3.6       Every participant must wear the ChampionChip and it must be held in place by the shoes laces of the running shoe.  The time of the participant will be taken, only when the participant runs over the control mats at the start, the finish and the others along the marathon course.


3.7       Also, a part of the international competition rules, it is forbidden to leave the course or take shortcuts, or receive help from a non-participant (with a bicycle, inline-skates), being accompanied by a non-participant or using any other form of help.  Additionally, the international anti-doping rules apply for all participants.


3.8       The instructions of the organizer as well as medical personnel is to be followed at all times.


4. Results and Disqualifications

4.1       Every participant, who goes against the international competition rules or the rules of participation and/or does not adhere to the instructions of the organizer, will be removed from the event and disqualified.  A removal from the event and/or a disqualification may occur for the following reasons:

  • unsportsmanlike conduct or undisciplined conduct
  • breaking the rules of the anti-doping policy
  • non-allowed help from an outside source such as a pacemaker with a bicycle
  • by changing the start number such as bending, to change the size of it or making parts of the number not visible
  • by taking a shortcut along the course
  • by not running over the control mats placed along the course.
  • by relay participants: starting by the wrong competition such as starting in the marathon start

4.2       The results will be published on our website and will be hung out at the event.  A rebuttal against the results in only possible within a 1-week period after the event.


5. Photos and Videos

As a part of the event, photos and videos will be made for editorial as well as commercial purposes to showcase the participants. Due to the size of the event, it is not possible to cut individual participants out of the pictures. With your registration, you therefore grant us a irrevocable, unlimited and transferable right to use the photos, videos and interviews made in connection with the event.


6. Limitation of Liability

6.1       The organizer is liable, for whatever legal reason, only in accordance in the following instances:

  • The organizer is liable for intent and gross negligence in accordance with statutory regulations.
  • In the case of light act of negligence, the organizer is liable only in case of breach of a material contractual obligation. The fulfillment of which enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on whose compliance the participant may regularly rely on. In these instances, we are liable only in the amount of the foreseeable, contract-typical damage.
  • In the cases of slight negligence, the liability for other damages, in particular consequential damages, indirect damage or loss of profit, is excluded.


The above limitations do not apply to injury, life, body and/or health, as well as liability under the Product Liability Act. As far as the liability of the organizer is excluded or limited, this also applies to the liability of its employees, other employees, representatives and any other agents.


6.2       Without precedent to the above provision, the organizer assumes no liability for health risks of the participants resulting from participation in the event. The usage of any medical treatment by the on-site medical staff must be decided upon by each participant.


7. Rights to Withdrawal

In accordance to the paragraph 312g Nr. 9 in the BGB, the participants are excluded from their withdrawal rights.


8. Data Protection

Our data protection rules are found on our website at


9. Final Provisions

9.1       The laws and rights of the land of Germany take precedent.


9.2       The European Commission has an out-of-court online dispute platform (OS-Platform) available, which can be found under .  Our e-mail address you can find in our imprint.  We  are neither committed to nor willing to participate in the dispute process.