11. May 2017 | Uncategorized

interAir is once again in 2017 Partner of the Pretzel run on the Marathon Saturday

It is the prelude, the warm-up and the overture for the marathon weekend in Frankfurt:  the Pretzel run powered by interAir.  Running director Jo Schindler and interAir boss Achim Wricke are happy about the extended partnership.  Since 2015, interAir is deeply rooted when it comes to organization in the running scene for marathon vacations worldwide in addition to being the name giver for the Pretzel run. With this travel provider can runners book there travels with top organization and ample starts for all 6 major world marathons.

By the Pretzel run, it’s not so widely advertised in running magazines, instead it’s more talked about and on the blocked city streets of Frankfurt a perfect accomplice for the Marathon on Sunday.  For many is the Saturday morning 5-KM run cult and a long tradition.  Included in the Frankfurt running-feeling, is since decades at the finish line apple juice and freshly baked pretzels – as the name says.

For the first 1000 runners of the Pretzel run at the finish is a nice commemorative medallion.  It starts at 10:00 a.m. at the Frankfurt convention center, city entrance this is also the finish.  Participants are traditional many running fans from Frankfurt and members of the marathon day volunteer clubs.