7. August 2017 | Marathon-News

Next registration period open until 8th of October

10,000 marathon runners are already registered for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2017.
Since the 1st of July, a new registration period has begun. For 95 Euros, every running enthusiast can register until the 8th of October. Also, at this year the German Championship will be held, which promises exciting races in all age groups.

Up to 2,000 relay marathon teams can participate. At this time, already over 1.000 teams are registered. This year, start will be at 10:35 am at the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage.

For all teams that want to make a registration, we advise an early registration. Until 9th of October, the starting fee remain 170 Euro per team.

Join now with your team in the relay marathon or at the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon!