1. March 2018 | Marathon-News

RUN THE SKYLINE! The new slogan of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

15,000 registrations for the 37th edition are expected

Eight months before the start on the 28th of October, 2018 is the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on schedule.  For the oldest German city-marathon, 4,000 runners have already registered. ” With this, we are already a tick above the previous year’s registrations and are quite exuberant about the 37th event.  “I’m pretty sure, that in this year, more than 15,000 participants, from over 100 nations will be seen on the starting line.  Additionally, the participants from the Generali relay-marathon, as well as the Schneider Electric Children’s Run, should bring the total once again to well over 25,000 participants” says race director Jo Schindler.


The new motto of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is, „RUN THE SKYLINE “, the advertisement motive is the view of the Old Bridge and the marvelous silhouette of Frankfurt’s skyline.  „After last year’s unique finish in the Convention Center as this was visually communicated, we would like to use a new motto with the world-renown and unique view of the Frankfurt Skyline and make this the main focal point. The new claim is a localization and a call to action in one, so we are convinced that it will greatly support us in our national and international advertising campaigns,” says Schindler.


Also, for Dr. Constantin H. Alsheimer, CEO of the Mainova AG, is the new image of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon a logical step: „Frankfurt Rhein-Main is our home.  Through our cables flows energy that moves, the Rhein-Main area. As the state of Hesse’s largest energy concern, we keep an eye on the Rhein-Main region. By the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, the sports world has their eyes set on Frankfurt.  With this, the Skyline accompanies us along the way by every step. “


For the creation of the new motto „RUN THE SKYLINE “the organizer of the oldest German city-marathon acquired the help of the renown Frankfurt Agency for Communication on their side. „The Frankfurt Skyline its without a doubt magical. Even after the thousands of kilometers ran on the Main, it doesn’t matter in which direction or which tempo, it never gets boring “, says Julia Meischen, Senior Communications Manager from the agency Sidelines.


The photo shooting for the new marathon motive took place during the last Mainova Frankfurt Marathon live during the run.  The protagonists are Teresa Walter and Kevin Ellison (Instagram: theatritrailisch and kev_ellison). „ It’s a nice thing and a great honor for us. We were allowed experience the exuberant atmosphere and we were impressed “, said both of the ASICS-athletes. “The skyline, I call it the little New York of Germany “, says Ellison. “My father is Afro-America and is from the East coast.  The skyline of Frankfurt is most similar to that of the American type of skylines.

Also, for the local runner Katharina Heinig, who lives since the last 13 years in Frankfurt, she is really excited and enthusiastic, when she thinks about her home skyline: „The best moment for myself is, when I am coming back from a competition on an airplane back home and while landing glimpsing a view of the magnificent skyline.  Then I always say to myself: You’re back home and I ‘m happy”. For all runners, the current German-Marathon Champion has prepared a #runtheskyline- tip: „What is special is the moments in the early morning, when you cross over the dam in Schwanheim and view the sun rays on the skyline or in the evening, when viewing from the banks of the Sachsenhausen side of the Main as the sun goes down between skyscrapers is such a breathtaking sight. “

Cost for the world’s 3rd fastest marathon is currently 88 Euros. Registration are possible at  www.frankfurt-marathon.com .

The new motto of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is, „RUN THE SKYLINE “, the advertisement motive is the view of the Old Bridge and the marvelous silhouette of Frankfurt’s skyline.