11. December 2017 | Marathon-News

Vote now for the “Marathon of the year 2017”

The starting shot is off – You can not vote for your favorite marathon at Marathon4you. The results of the previous year show, that it isn’t necessarily the biggest or the fastest. As a hobby runner, other things are more important: The attractivity of the course, the atmosphere, the catering, the things around it and certainly not last the prize/performance comparison.
Just like in the previous years, the total winner and the country winners, as well as the favorite Ultra, city, scenic and mountain marathon. I can’t wait, how you decide this time. Anyone can participate.
The 31st of December 2017 at midnight is the last chance to get your vote in. Then the votes won’t only be counted, but also there will be something to win. Then of course this year, there are interesting trips you can win. Interesting trips? That sounds overexaggerated. It happens to be a couple of days with flight and overnighting in a 4-star hotel and a start to a marathon, that is a MUST to run. That is at least what the editors pick is. No, it’s not New York.
The marathon, what were talking about, starts in a small town, its name is surrounded by myths and legends. The finish is in a stadium, like no other. It is over 120 years old, completely constructed out of white marble and has a history like none other. On the 10th of April, 1896 Spyridon Louis became the first Olympic marathon winner to cross the finish line. The trip takes place on November 2018 to the Athens Authentic Marathon. Sponsor of the first-place prize is Schulz Sportsreisen. Also, there is the Marathon Yearbook to be given away to 50 winners.
The rules are simple. Anyone can participate one time and can only pick one event from the suggestion list. Winner is the marathon, that gets the most votes. The voting ends on the 31st of December, 2017.
Here is the link to the voting: http://www.marathon4you.de/voting