21. February 2017 | Marathon-News

Marathonproject brings runners in form

For the 16th year, you can train in a team, with professionals walking you through. In 2016 70 participants successfully, tackled the 42,195 kilometer distance.


If you want to do a marathon, then do it right! In a team with like-minded people. Under professinal instruction. Get fit in theory and pratise until the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon.  Since 2002, year for year, the participants of the Marathonproject prepare their best six months long for the oldest city marathon in Germany.


Starting at the end of April on 4 nights a week, training sessions will be offered. The trainer team will be led by the 2-time olympic athlete in long-distance Petra Wassiluk (1996, 2000). The same project takes place also in Darmstadt. The participants will be provided with theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of laufstyle, body-stabilisation, nutrition, equipment and much more. There are still spots availabe.


Everything is set for the 29th of October, 2017, for the 36th edition of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon. Last year, 70 proud participants of the marathonproject proudly crossed the finish line in the Festhalle after completely the 42,195 kilometers.


This offer is for beginners, advanced and running veterans. With the participation in the marathonproject, are already many lifedreams for the first marathon start and new personal best times came true. The training takes place at the Landes-Sportsbund Hessen in Frankfurt (Otto-Fleck-Schneise) and in the track and field hall in Kalbach.


The complete trainingspackage costs 350 Euros and includes 3-days of seminars with performance diagnostics, videoanalysis, presentations about the art of running and also runs in 10km and halfmarathon competitions together as a group.

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