Rosbacher Main-Lauf-Cup
The race series in the Rhine-Main area in preparation for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon
The Rosbacher Main-Lauf-Cup

The Rosbacher Main-Lauf-Cup, a popular race series with a total of over 16,000 participants, takes place from March to December in the entire Rhine-Main area.
The race series with a total of ten races starts with the Frankfurt half marathon in Frankfurt and ends with the traditional New Year race in Frankfurt at the end of December (31.12.2018).

The organizer of the Rosbacher Main-Lauf-Cup is the sports agency “motion events”. The Rosbacher Main-Lauf-Cup will again meet this challenge as a special preparation series for the Frankfurt Marathon at the end of October, with varied semi-marathon or 10km races.

Der Rosbacher Main-Lauf-Cup 2018 includes the following events:
  • 11. März: 16. Frankfurter Mainova Halbmarathon
  • 8. April: 39. Seligenstädter Wasserlauf
  • 19. Mai: 26. Schwanheimer Pfingstlauf
  • 27. Mai: 43. Steinberger Wald-Volkslauf
  • 29. Juli: 42. Hausener Volks-Waldlauf
  • 2. September: 45. Internationaler Volkslauf Mühlheim
  • 16. September: 42. Internationaler Hugenottenlauf Neu-Isenburg
  • 22. September: 28. Rodheimer Volkslauf Rosbach v. d. H. – Rodheim
  • 14. Oktober: 26. Offenbacher Mainuferlauf
  • 31. Dezember: 40. Spiridon Mainova Silvesterlauf

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