Performance analysis
for all runners
Performance analysis
for your optimum race pace

Our performance analysis is suitable for all runners who want targeted train: We make amateur athletes training more effective and ambitious runners better race performance.

Eric Kappes (sports scientist, A Trainer Triathlon, multiple Ironman World Championship finisher among the top 30) measures the actual endurance performance using a lactate threshold test. During the test, we also determine the heart rate. Both values are documented and provide the lactate heart rate performance curve. This represents the current performance level. As a result, individual training areas are created and projected competition times for 10 km marathon. We recommend to repeat the test every six months, to see training results. By means of a heart rate measuring device the training is controlled in a very simple manner. During the test, a drop of blood is taken from the ear, respectively. The test takes about 30 minutes. After test execution to get the evaluation and have the opportunity to discuss the results in a counseling session.

Locality: athletics stadium Hahn, Frankfurt Niederrad

Time: 10:00 or 15:00 on raceway

Minimum number of participants: 4 persons

Services: lactate test execution, evaluation and analysis of test results with data for intensity design (on heart rate and speed) in each training areas, prognosis of competitive services

Cost: 80,00 Euro



5.3.20 –Hahnstraße, Frankfurt Niederrad 17 Uhr

26.4.20 – Leichtathletikhalle Kalbach ca. 14 Uhr

14.5.20 –Hahnstraße, Frankfurt Niederrad 17 Uhr

25.6.20 – Hahnstraße, Frankfurt Niederrad 17 Uhr

5.7.20 – Leichtathletikhalle Kalbach ca. 13 Uhr

27.8.20 – Hahnstraße, Frankfurt Niederrad 17 Uhr

27.9.20 – Leichtathletikhalle Kalbach – ca. 13 Uhr

20.10.20 – Hahnstraße, Frankfurt Niederrad 17 Uhr