Marathonproject Frankfurt
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Marathonproject Frankfurt
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Information about the Marathon Project Frankfurt

If you run a marathon you should do it right! Pro tipp: train with like-minded people and with a professional coaching team. That’s basically the concept of our traditional and long-running (pun intended) Marathon Project that will prepare you for the Frankfurt Marathon in theory and practice. Within six months we bring the participants of the Marathon Project safe and succesful to the finish line. Starting at the end of April we offer four training units per week. The coaching team is led by 1996 and 2000 Olympic Athlete Petra Wassiluk and takes place in Frankfurt as well as Darmstadt.

Learn everything you need to know about running technique, body stabilization, the right diet, equipment and much more. Everything in this project is targeted towards the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on October 29th. Last year 70 Marathon Project participants finished in Frankfurt.

For example Franziska Baist and Martina Wenzel who wanted to remain below four hours in their first ever marathon. As it turned out they did much better than that finishing almost simultanously in 3:42:27 (Franziska) and 3:42:50 (Martina).

The entire package costs €380 and includes three seminars with performance diagnostics, video analysis, several lectures and of course up to four weekly training units. A ten kilometre run and a half marathon which will be run together are also included. You can contact us via e-mail.