5. October 2020 | Marathon-News

Virtual Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Traditionally, crowds of runners run through the streets of Frankfurt on the last weekend of October. Even if the last weekend in October is very different this year than in previous years, we don’t want to completely go on without any marathon feeling. That is why we will host the virtual Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on October 25, 2020 – so that we can run together again this year as the Frankfurt Marathon Community. Together we will start a run at 10:00 a.m. (local time) – you decide how far you run and where you run!


How can I participate?


If you have already been registered for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, you are automatically registered for the virtual Mainova Frankfurt Marathon.

We have informed all participants by e-mail about the possibility of participation – if necessary, please also check your spam folder to see whether you have received the mail. Just think about the distance you want to run for your virtual Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2020 and where you want to run your run. You can choose between the following distances: 5km / 10km / 21.0975km / 42.195km.

You can also change the distance you have selected later if you should change your decision spontaneously in advance or during your run. After the run you have 24 hours to enter your target time. As soon as you have sent your result, you will receive a confirmation email from us with a link to your personal digital certificate.

So that everyone can see that you are part of the virtual marathon, you can download and print out your personal start number now.


Running as a group is twice as much fun!


Of course, your friends, family, colleagues etc. can also take part in our virtual marathon. You can register for free at the following link:


Registration Virtual Mainova Frankfurt Marathon


Register your friends for the virtual Mainova Frankfurt Marathon free of charge

Please pay attention to the distance rules when running together!

The starting shot will be given on Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. (local time). Be there and share your run with us on Facebook and Instagram:





Fulfilling last wishes – virtually!


Unfortunately, this year our participants do not have the opportunity to run through the donation gate of our charity partner, the ASB Hessen, as usual. The gate is traditionally located at the Hauptwache at kilometers 7.5 and 39. The project “The Wishing Dare – Dare Last Wishes” can be supported with a donation of 4 euros per run. With the “wish-wagon”, ASB fulfills a special wish of the heart for people in their last phase of life. In order to support the ASB Hessen’s wish-wagon again in this difficult year, we set up a virtual donor gate with the help of betterplace.org. We would be happy if you donate an amount of your choice to the wish-wagon and run through the virtual gate – more information about the moving project and donation options at: virtuelles-spendentor.betterplace.org

Virtual Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 10/25/2020