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Katrin Stücher from

We, the team Frankfurt Marathon, believe: Proper nutrition is just as much to prepare for a marathon, as the training itself is why we would like to provide you in time to the Frankfurt Marathon 2017 with contributions by Katrin Stücher around nutrition and endurance sports.. There is, for example, the topics Superfood, gastrointestinal problems, proper drinking habits, dietary supplements or carboloading.

Katrin has turned their passion into a profession. When studied nutritionist and by their current PhD in sports science, it is the ideal contact for all matters relating to the proper nutrition in daily training and competition of endurance athletes. In its clientele numerous success stories of podiums in marathons, Ironmansiegen are already represented to podium at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

The studied nutritionist is even avid runner and triathlete and knows firsthand what it takes in daily training and on race day itself.
Under Katrin offers its customers a broad range around the optimum and individual diet. Especially with pre-existing conditions or recurrent stomach and intestinal problems in training and competition events Katrin is the ideal contact person and know exactly which screws it must rotate so that sports and nutrition can take place in line with each other.

The right or wrong diet can decide over any additional or unusual training session on the race day itself on victory or defeat.
One or the other has certainly already experienced what it feels like to not put the following months of training to law-awaited power in the legs, or has seen the austrainiertesten runners were slowed down unceremoniously on the way to a new best time from the nearest Dixieklo or lagged with a pained leg cramps face across the finish line.