Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

The Kenyan Wilson Kipsang won the Frankfurt Marathon 2011 in 2:03:42 hours, which is the current course record. With this best time, the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is the third fastest city race worldwide. The women’s record was set in 2012. Meselech Melkamu from Ethiopia reached the finish line after 2:21:01 hours and ran the third fastest marathon debut of all times. The German Athlete Arne Gabius caused the big surprise in 2015; he ran the german record in a time of 2:08:33 hours! But the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is also a good place for recreational athletes and amateurs. This fact has been proven by an analysis of the website According to them, the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is the by far fastest among the five largest German marathons. The average finish time is 3:57:56 hours.

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Course map of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon as PDF.

There is only a height difference of 27,8 meters spread over the length of 42195 meters [between the lowest point (89,4 meters above sea level) and the highest point (117,2 meters above sea level)].
The route can be run easily and quickly and has resulted in last year in new track records for both men and women – it has a total elevation gain of only 27.8 meters, spread over the entire route length of 42 195 meters. The route is set up circular and runs along both sides of the river Main. The first part of the route leads the runners through the city of Frankfurt with itsfascinating skyline, then to the district of Sachsenhausen, towards the residential area of Höchst and back along the Mainzer Landstrasse through the city center and the trade fair tower into the Festhalle with its red carpet.

The stations at 5km and 10km are lined up on both sides; all other stations are one-sided only!

Every 5km the order at each water station is as following: clock, medical aid, own nutrition, Rosbacher mineral water Naturell, isotonic drinks by Rosbacher, tea, troughs with water to dunk in your sponge, litter bins. Starting at 15km, we additionally offer organic bananas. At 15km and 30km Maurten Gels are offered. At 30km, 35km, 40 km bizzl Cola and at 32,5km Krombacher o,0% are offered. Refreshments (Rosbacher mineral water Naturell and troughs with water) can also be found at 12.5km, 17.5km, 22.5km, 27.5km, 32,5 and 37.5km.

You’ll find an overview  of water and natrition stations here.

The drinks are offered not from bottles, but from cups.

Charity Project ASB Wish-Wagon: Last Wish-Wagon – win memories together

That’s exactly what this project “Wish-Wagon” supports in the state of Hessen by the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB). Then when life is on its last leg, often come unfufiled wish in the foreground. And these sickest of these people are not able to do this by themselves, to see one of their loved one’s one more time, or to do something that is long overdue. That is exactly what the ASB in the state of Hessen does with its action the “Wish-Wagon”, to support and help together, the sickest person and their relatives, to remember the best memories possible.
The “Wish-Wagon” prospers from volunteers and its financed and support only through donations. So that the “Wish-Wagon” for everyone is available, the ride remains always free. Any type of support is welcome and there is the chance for you to support with a donation during your run, when running over the donation mat!
More information you can find under Many volunteer hands, with one goal: Our duty is with the “Wish-wagon”