Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Only runners wearing official start numbers are allowed to enter the starting line up. There are different corrals for all runners. Please go to your assigned start corral before 9:50 am. Your start corral is printed on the race number
(1. corral ‘ASICS’, 2. corral ‘BMW’…). You are only allowed to enter the corral that you are assigned to. Your wave is the result of your corral. Big balloons indicating the different start corrals will show you the way to your start corral.
Due to the evaluation of your net time you won’t lose a second no matter what is your corral or wave.
Please follow the instructions of our volunteers in order to ensure a smooth starting procedure.
First wave: start at 10am
1. corral „ASICS“
International elite runners and runners with a finish time up to 3:00 hrs
2. corral „BMW“
Runners with a finish time between 3:00 and 3:15 hrs
3. corral „Stadt Frankfurt“
Runners with a finish time between 3:15 and 3:30 hrs
Second wave: start at 10:10am
4. corral „Mainova“
Runners with a finish time between 3:30 and 3:45 hrs
5. corral „Rosbacher“
Runners with a finish time between 3:45 and 4:00 hrs
6. corral „Messe Frankfurt“
Runners with a finish time from 4:00 hrs and all runners, who did not register an expected finish time.
Please come to the start as early as possible in order to avoid unnecessary hectic and excitement.

The Kenyan Wilson Kipsang won the Frankfurt Marathon 2011 in 2:03:42 hours, which is the current course record. With this best time, the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is the third fastest city race worldwide. The women’s record was set in 2012. Meselech Melkamu from Ethiopia reached the finish line after 2:21:01 hours and ran the third fastest marathon debut of all times. The German Athlete Arne Gabius caused the big surprise in 2015; he ran the german record in a time of 2:08:33 hours! But the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is also a good place for recreational athletes and amateurs. This fact has been proven by an analysis of the website According to them, the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is the by far fastest among the five largest German marathons. The average finish time is 3:57:56 hours.
The track basically takes course on wide main streets. It‘s very even, between the lowest point (89,4 meters above sea level) and the highest point (117,2 meters above sea level) is only a height diff erence of 27,8 meters spread over the length of 42195 meters.
Important information for marathon runners October 29th 2017 The course – the shortest way is marked with a blue line – goes through the city centre of Frankfurt am Main on solely asphalted streets. Signs indicate each kilometer and the half marathon, too. There is a big clock showing the race gross time every 5km and at the half marathon.

The spectacular finish of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is located at the trade fare. You will run through the east gate into the ‘Festhalle’, there you will reach the finish line after 60m. There are stands for a total of 7,000persons (5,000 seats and 2,000 standing rooms). When crossing the finish line and running over the mats, your time is registered. Please try to move quickly forward out of the ‘Festhalle‘ and towards the building ‘Forum’.

The stations at 5km and 10km are lined up on both sides; all other stations are one-sided only!
Every 5km the order at each water station is as following: clock, medical aid, own nutrition, Rosbacher mineral water Naturell, isotonic drinks by Rosbacher, tea, troughs with water to dunk in your sponge, litter bins.
Starting at 15km, we additionally offer organic bananas. At 20km, 25km, 30km and 35km Xenofit Carbohydrate-Gels are offered. At 30km, 35km and 40 km bizzl Cola is offered. Refreshments (Rosbacher mineral water Naturell and troughs with water) can also be found at 12.5km, 17.5km, 22.5km, 27.5km, 32,5 and 37.5km.
The drinks are offered not from bottles, but from cups.
Plan water and nutrition stations (pdf)
After leaving the ‘Festhalle‘ and the Forum, you reach the water station at the “Agora”, where you receive your medal and heat poncho.
The following products are offered: Rosbacher mineral water, isotonic drinks by Rosbacher, beers by Krombacher Brewery, organic bananas and organic apples, soups, cake, etc. It is not possible to go back to the finish line from the water station. Only participants are allowed to enter this area. Please arrange a meeting-point with your family and/or friends somewhere outside this area.

The entry confirmations along with some important participant information about the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon will be sent by email in mid August, mid September, and mid October, depending on the time of your registration. The printed entry confirmation must be shown in order to pick up the race number and package. If you didn’t receive your entry confirmation (please check your spam-folder) or lose it, you may also use your passport or ID card to pick up your race documents.

The following services are included in the registration fee:
– Race number and safety pins
– Goodie bag filled with high-quality products of our sponsors and partners
– Coupon booklet with numerous vouchers of Frankfurt’s facilities and our partners
– Race number as ticket for public transport on October 29th 2017 (RMV-region)
– Pocket course map
– Free participation at the Pretzel Run powered by interAir
– Sport-Expo Marathonmall
– Programme brochure
– Voucher for the Fattoria La Vialla – Toscana Pasta Party on October 28th 2017 (pasta and three drinks)
– Bag for clothes disposal in hall 1, level 1
– Sport nutrition along the course
– Heat poncho
– Huge variation of sport nutrition in the finish area
– Finisher medal
– Preliminary certificate (pdf via online results)
– Showers in hall 1, basement
– Massage service in hall 1, level 1
– Free entry to “Rebstockbad” (swimming-pool): swimming, changing room, showers
– Certificate per post
– Results brochure as a PDF file on our website
– And last but not least: The organisation of the whole event!

Seperate classification for men and women:
– classification for all participants
– age groups in accordance with the regulations of IAO and IMF
– team classification for teams of three and ten runners respectively

The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is based on the international competition rules of the IAAF respectively DLV.

M/W U20     1998 – 1999
M/W U23     1995 – 1997
M/W H        1988 – 1994
M/W 30       1983 – 1987
M/W 35       1978 – 1982
M/W 40       1973 – 1977
M/W 45       1968 – 1972
M/W 50       1963 – 1967
M/W 55       1958 – 1962
M/W 60       1953 – 1957
M/W 65       1948 – 1952
M/W 70       1943 – 1947
M/W 75       1938 – 1942
M/W 80       1937 and older

The race is only scored by using the ChampionChip system.
Further information: Mika Timing GmbH ( Fon: +49 (0)2202 24 01 – 113 E-Mail:
Please attach the chip to the laces of your running shoe.
We can only track your time when you cross the mats lying at the start, along the course and at the finish. Persons who do not have these times will be disqualified. Additionally a video surveillance system is installed along the course. Please wear your race number during the whole race clearly visible on your chest. In any case first of all you have to pick up your race number in hall 1, level 2 simultaneously you will receive your rental chip or get your own chip checked.
CHIP-RENT: You have paid 6 € rental additional to the starting fee and therefore are registered for a rental chip. When picking up your start number you will also receive your rental chip. Please render the chip undamaged on October 29th 2017 between 1pm and 5pm after the race (Schneider Electric Mini-Marathon chip return: 11am – 3pm) at the chip return which is located at the race number pick up area in hall 1, level 2. If you decide to keep the chip, it is said to be bought and 25 € will be debited from your credit card respectively bank account after the race.
CHIP-PURCHASE: You have paid 31 € additional to the starting fee and thus bought a chip which has already been sent to you. Please bring the chip along at the event day and attach it to the laces of your running shoe. When picking up our start number, please get a final check of your chip data. The chip can not be returned after the event.
CHIP-OWNER: If you own a chip, please bring it along at the event day. When picking up your race number, please get a final check of your chip data. If you didn’t name your chip number when registering, please notify the chip number (letter-figure combination) to us before the race via email at
FORGOTTEN your chip: If you forgot to bring your chip along, please first go to the ‘help desk’. There you will receive your race number and a blue chip for a rent of 6,00 €. Please render the chip undamaged on October 29th 2017 after the race between 1pm and 5pm at the chip return, which is located at the race number pick up area in hall 1, level 2. You are not allowed to keep the blue chip, since it is not up for sale and can’t be used at other running events. Please note: No chip – no timing!

A transfer of your registration to another runner can only be made online until October 8th 2017. Therefore please log in to your user account via our online registration and click the “registration transfer” option. Following you receive a coupon code via email, which you can pass on to the substitute participant.
With this coupon code it is possible to register online for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon­ for just 10 € service charges.

If you didn’t create an user-account in line with your registration you can do so subsequently. Afterwards please inform us about your user account so that we can connect your registration with your user account. Afterwards you can pass your entry as described above.

Please note that gimmicks which where booked by the originally registered runner for example ChampionChip, medal engraving, SMS service or Shirt will neither be taken over for the new runner nor can be refunded. ASICS event line-shirts can be picked up at the event weekend at the Marathonmall (Trade Fair (Messe Frankfurt), hall 1, level 2). For this, please get in touch with the help desk at the race number pick up. Here you will receive a voucher for picking up your shirt after showing your ID.

A withdrawal of the start is only possible for marathon runners due to health reasons. A payback is not possible under any circumstances. Please send a medical certificate (copy sufficient) via email, fax or post, which confirms the impossibility of your start, until November 1st 2017 to:, Fax: +49 (0)69 3 70 04 68 – 11, Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, Sonnemannstr. 5, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

You will then receive – under the deduction of a 20 € handling fee – a free start for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2018. A corresponding coupon-code for the online registration will be sent to you in February 2017. The coupon-code can’t be transferred to other persons, competitions or event years. Additionally booked services (e.g. marathon book, shirt, medal engraving) are only effective for the originally booked year.. ASICS Eventline-Shirts can be picked up during the event weekend at the Marathonmall (Trade Fair (Messe Frankfurt), hall 1, level 2). Please get in touch with the ‘help desk’ at the race number pick up in this case. Here you will receive a voucher for picking up your shirt after showing your ID.

You can bring your clothes in the official bag (goodie bag) to the baggage disposal from 8am on October 29th in hall 1, level 1. Please stick the provided number on your bag and allow enough time to check-in your bag. Please note that we only accept clothing bags of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2017. For other luggage we offer a wardrobe for a fee of 4 € per piece of luggage. Please ensure that you allow adequate time to hand in your clothing bag. There is no other possibility than hall 1, level 1 to hand in your bag with clothes. After the race you can pick up your clothing bag until 5pm.

It is possible to hand in your own nutrition for the race on October 28th from 2pm until 7pm and on October 29th from 7am until 8am in hall 1, basement (only signed bottles: kilometer and race number – no glass). Due to organisational constraints, it is only possible to offer this service to competitive runners (men: faster than 2h45, women: faster than 3h) and participants who need special nutrition due to medical reasons.

First, please pick up your baggage in hall 1, level 1 (you can take the escalator) until 5pm. Please show your race number in order to receive your bag. Besides you can also use the massage service between 12 noon and 5pm in hall 1, level 1 after showering. This is a free service for all our athletes.

You will  find the changing rooms and showers in hall 1, basement. You can also use the showers at the swimming-pool ‘Rebstockbad’ till 8pm. Just show your race number at the entry.

You can download a pdf-version of your certificate via the results on our website. All participants will receive an official certificate via post after completion by the end of December 2017. A result brochure as a PDF file is available
at the end of November on our website.You can find the results of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on our website: Here we will also provide a result brochure as a PDF file at the end of November.
A list of all results can be found in hall 1, level 2. Objections can be made until November 5th 2017.

We can text your unofficial time to your mobile phone free of charge. To take advantage of this service, please fill in your mobile phone number on the registration form and tick box A.
Do you want your split times as well? Then tick box B. This service costs 3,00 €.

If someone accompanying you also wishes to see just how you are getting on in the race we can text your split times and your finishing time to a second mobile phone. Please put down two mobile phone numbers on the registration form and tick box C. This service costs 5,00 €.

Order until October 8th 2017 ASICS Eventline-Shirts short- or long-sleeved for an early bird price of 28 € respectively 40€. Therefore please send us an email with your order and a corresponding direct debit authorisation to The shirts can also be purchased at the merchandising booth an the Marathonmall, which is located next to the ASICS booth.
ASICS Eventline-Shirt short-sleeved women/men: 30 €
ASICS Eventline-Shirt long-sleeved women/men: 42 €

You can have your personal finisher’s medal engraved with your name and overall time, on Sunday, October 29th 2017, 12 noon to 5pm, hall 1, level 2 (registration venue). If you have not ordered it online with your registration, note that you have to pay 9 €.

The offical marathon book with lot of great pictures and storys (100 sites), pre-order price: €35.

motion events GmbH
Tel +49 69 3 70 04 68-0
Fax +49 69 3 70 04 68-11

The organiser or his representative and other authorised persons cannot be held responsible for any form of damage or injury incurred as a result of participation in the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon and accompanying events, except in the case of the latter having caused these intentionally or as a result of grave negligence. This also applies to sponsors and the owners of private paths and their representatives. This exemption from liability also applies to accompanying persons.I herewith declare that I am in a fit state of health and have trained to a sufficient standard. I agree to being withdrawn from the race should be in danger of damaging my health.I agree to data on theregistration form relating to myself being passed on to third parties (sponsors and media partners, Mika Timing cause timing, German Red Cross cause assistance, cause pictures, MySports cause live streaming, My Sports cause video service), and any photographs, film material and radio and TV interviews that are made in onjunction with the Frankfurt Marathon including those in advertising, books and photographic reproductions being passed and used without any claim to compensation on my part.I confirm that the data I provided is correct, and that I will pass neither race number nor ChampionChip to another person. I agree to data on the registration form relating to myself being saved beyond the event for commercial purposes. I am aware that altering the official race number in any way, in particular making the advertising illegible or unrecognisable and being accompanied by persons on sports equipment such as inline skates, bicycles etc.) will lead to disqualification. Should I fail to participate or should the event not take place due to force majeure I am not entitled to reimbursement of the entry fee or of the fees I paid for additional services (medal engraving, sms-service. shirts, etc.). The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is based on the international competition rules of the IAAF respectively DLV. The agreement shall be governed by the law of Germany. Location of any legal proceedings: Frankfurt am Main (Note: in accordance with data protection laws your data will be stored on computers).